Introduction To My Concept (And Me!)

At Butter

Hello Everyone!

My name is Ailsa (pronounced like a supermarket “aisle”-sa) and I’m an Indian from Dubai, UAE.  I’ve always loved food but when I went to college in the middle of Massachusetts, I started runing away to New York whenever I could to eat a great meal. That’s when the appreciation really started.

A lot of people have asked me if I have a food blog. Now that I have graduated and moved to New York, I can finally start it.

So my blog isn’t only about food. It’s about my love for Food Network’s Chopped. I used to watch Chopped all the time and I wanted to start a food blog that judges different restaurants based on the criteria that the Chopped judges use: Presentation, Taste and Creativity.

Also, since I’ve watched so much Chopped, I feel like I can predict what certain judges would say about certain dishes. I’m really excited about this and hope you enjoy my recommendations!


PS: The picture of me is actually at Chopped judge Alexandra Guarnaschelli’s restaurant Butter Midtown. But that’s a fancy night out, I’m writing about cheap to medium-priced eats in the city.


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